Our Key Consulting Services


Data Analysis

We will collate and review organisational data and analyse it alongside available industry data to provide you with an assessment of your current approach to diversity and inclusion and make recommendations as to where you might be able to improve.

Strategies, Goals and KPIs

As your business starts to develop a plan, Kiltered can help you build an effective strategy, set realistic goals and create KPIs -  enabling you to track and evidence progress.


We design workshops and training to provide businesses with the insights and knowledge required to build inclusive cultures:


  • Building the business case for diversity and inclusion

  • Making space for inclusion - where do I start?

  • Embedding inclusion into your mission vision and values

  • Using data to improve your chances of success

  • Building a plan and putting it into action

  • D&I and the law

  • How to avoid groupthink


We are happy to tap into our network of recruiters, HR specialists, influencers, lawyers, coaches and trainers to ensure you have access to the people who are crucial to success in this area.