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Morag Ofili

Morag Ofili
(Founder of Kiltered)

Welcome to Kiltered Consulting, established in 2020 by barrister Morag Ofili with a singular focus – to address the limitations of traditional diversity & inclusion training.


We specialise in providing businesses with an in-depth understanding of group dynamics, allowing leaders to build strategies that optimise team performance and foster inclusivity. Our frameworks and solutions help leaders to see how diverse and inclusive teams can positively impact business success.

We offer more than diversity & inclusion training – we provide tailored solutions rooted in a deep understanding of your business.

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The name "Kiltered" is derived from the phrase "off -kilter," an expression that describes a deviation from the usual or expected, or when things are off-balance. The name reflects our commitment to introducing a fresh perspective - encouraging leaders to adopt new thinking to tackle old problems.  In choosing this name, we also aim to bring balance to discussions on how to build high-performing, diverse, and inclusive teams.  

Kiltered represents a deliberate departure from the ordinary, where the extraordinary potential of unconventional thinking comes to life.

Catalyst for Change Our mission is to spark transformation in workplace dynamics, serving as a catalyst for progress towards high-performing, diverse, and inclusive teams.


Collaboration We believe in the power of diverse minds coming together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Critical Thinking We value the ability to analyse situations thoughtfully, drawing on insights from diverse disciplines to develop strategic solutions.

Communication We prioritise clear and transparent communication, fostering a shared understanding that fuels collaboration, innovation, and inclusive leadership.

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