Diversity and Inclusion Solutions
SMEs and start-ups

Using organisational psychology and data analytics, Kiltered is on a mission to make start-ups and SMEs more inclusive.

Whilst most start-ups and SMEs acknowledge the business benefits of diversity and inclusion, many lack the experience and/or resources required to truly improve diversity and inclusion within the workplace.


Kiltered supports start-ups and SMEs by providing cost-effective solutions that promote D&I and increase business performance in an authentic way.

Kiltered provides start-ups and SMEs with the tools they need to develop and implement effective strategies and build better workplaces.

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Many businesses are off-kilter in their approach to D&I, focusing too much on external recognition and not enough on the internal efforts required to achieve real and lasting change. Kiltered wants to bring better balance to D&I initiatives.


We help start-ups and SMEs understand why inclusivity is a critical component of any truly successful business, no matter its size. We do this by creating a positive environment where we teach businesses why previous initiatives may have failed and how to maximise their potential.


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