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You don't need more unconscious bias training

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Kiltered is a strategy firm that specialises in decoding group dynamics and helping leaders leverage the power of diversity and inclusion to build high-performing teams and make better decisions.


Our exclusive focus empowers leaders with unparalleled insights. We don't offer diversity & inclusion training; we provide tailored solutions deeply rooted in a profound understanding of human interaction.

Backed by cutting-edge research from leading sociologists, psychologists, and behavioural economists, we offer a unique blend of analysis and expertise that allows leaders to transform knowledge and understanding into a strategic advantage.

By working with Kiltered, leaders create environments where diversity and inclusion flourish - propelling performance, profitability and purpose to unprecedented heights.


  • Shared insights: We unravel the intricacies of group dynamics, offering leaders a distinctive edge in fostering inclusivity and maximising team potential.

  • Backed by Research: Our approach is founded on studies from leading institutions, ensuring that our solutions are not just innovative but also rooted in proven theories and principles.

  • Tailored Solutions: We go beyond traditional diversity & inclusion training, crafting solutions that specifically address the unique challenges faced by leaders striving for high-performing teams.

Choose Kiltered, where diversity isn't just a tickbox exercise

but the catalyst for unparalleled success.

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"Kiltered heard us in where we were as a business already so didn't force its way into areas that we had covered.

The approach was professional but human - a good balance.

Working with Kiltered allowed us as leaders to be more open with one another. Despite already being so close, having an expert in the room allowed us to open ourselves to different approaches and conversations.

I would definitely recommend Kiltered's services."

Managing Director of Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

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